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improvements. >> thank you. it's on ocean but on san jose as well where it's inaccessible sidewalks and ramps that are actually very dangerous. >> right. so i think san jose crush ramp improvements are done by the green yard rail project and fully funded. our board is going to be approving the contract this afternoon. moving on to -- speaking of that contract one of its key components is a new accessible boarding platform on san jose for the j and the k where people are now boarding in an area that is very close to the tracks. it has major safety inaccessibility problems so this will help address that. >> are those tracks actually going to be moved? right now there is the bench point i put on the screen last week at the board of supervisors meeting so the tracks moved and the poles taken out? is that part of the project? >> we are moving to move the poles to remove the pinch points. there isn't enough room to change the track alignment. it's so tight and part of the overall big squeeze, but that is something i will talk more about. >> great. >> finally on this slide in the lower right fl
had just returned from war. bob redell joins us live in san jose with more. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. we have spoken with the father of allan devillena from here in san jose and he tells us and he thinks that his 22-year-old son would not have started a confrontation with police. he says he knew better. the family has already left their home here in san jose for palm springs where their son was shot and killed by police early saturday morning. it was two bicycle cops responding to loud voices in a parking garage in downtown. they recognized devillena from an earlier drunken public incident. when they ordered him and his passenger out of the car, the marine drove off. police fired their weapons, hitting and killing devillena. >> after we collect the witness statements, the statements from the officers involved and the evidence at the scene, we'll have a better determination of what actually occurred, what was occurring in the minds of the officers and what led them to use their weapons in this incident. >> reporter: devillena's friend was not h
kind relating to discussions with any other agencies. the references to the san jose city attorney's office are dated 9 months after that. but i think what is really important is that there is a, i think, a reference in an e-mail that it was mr. st craw who spoke to the city attorney about taking these cases. so what we don't know is how this magically happened, nine months later. there are also no e-mails or other written communications of any kind internally within the staff or with any of the commissioners with one exception which i will give you in a moment. so there is no way to track how this all came about. >> it is obvious that none of you were directly involved in the decision, which considering that it involved your... it had to be completely transparent and it had to be one that everybody would accept. i did find an e-mail from the chairman. it surprised me. it said, it went to mr. san croy. read shaw's complaints is there not any reason that we can't release san jose's analysis about why st san croy's allegations fall. i don't know much about ethics but i know this is n
san jose to explain what happened in the shooting of a marine in san jose in palm springs. >> reporter: well, this marine attended piedmont high school here in san jose his sophomore and junior here and then transferred out. are calling this a tragedy. here is picture of him. 22 years old. he was stationed out of 29 palms. police in palm springs say two bicycle officers heard yelling in a parking garage and when they entered, they recognized him and his marine friend from a public intoxication from earlier that night and the men started to yell derogatory comments. one of the officers reached in the car. >> the suspect accelerated directly toward the other officer. >> reporter: the officers both fired their weapons and shot him which resulted in his death. the passenger was uninjured. the marine's family told me on the phone he's a good man who served in afghanistan. they say what police is describing is completely out of character. there's an american flag and patriotic stickers. neighbors say the family was also -- the family was always proud of him. >> you think you ar
of whether the san jose ethics commission has ever handled either on an advisorry basis or otherwise complaint referal from the different jurisdictional agencies? >> i have staffed the san jose election commission from 2008 and we have not ever accepted any such referals. >> has the elections commission made any referals themselves for matters to be handled by a agency outside of san jose? >> the election commission procedures and i think that our ethics ordinance do have some provisions for making referals. but that is generally in the nature of the district attorney office or their political practice commission. it would be something consistent with the jurisdiction of the selection commission but might possibly be ... there may be some criminal activity or some additional allegations that related to some violations of political format. not to another agency like the san francisco ethics commission or the oakland ethics commission. >> okay. thank you. very much. >> and any other questions for miss herrick on this matter? >> no. i don't have any. >> commissioner studley, you had rai
to evidence from crime scenes. >>> a college-bound marine from san jose is now dead after a night out on the town in palm springs. now his family is demanding answers. allan devillena's family is in palm springs this morning looking into why police shot and killed their son. officers say they shot the marine after he hit an officer with his car inside a parking garage. police say another officer then climbed into the passenger window trying to stop the car, but the marine kept driving. that's when a third officer fired that deadly shot. coming up at 6:30, you'll hear what the marine's father is saying about his son's death and why he doubts the marine would start trouble with the police. >>> four people are in custody this morning following a shooting in menlo park that has neighbors and residents concerned. it happened yesterday just before noon. investigators say while they were making an arrest, they stumbled upon a stash of guns, drugs and numerous shell casings. in the last few weeks menlo park has seen an uptick in violence. the violence has concerned and fearful neighbors now s
boston, seattle, new york, oakland and san jose or santa clara mta. they all had higher scores than muni. muni was on the bottom. we included bart. since they said other systems did it we decided to look at the systems in paris france. it took months to identify the right officials and in this case either the head of operations or the systems schedulinger all but one which was new york agreed to an extensive interview by two of us and per the rules we were not identified. nevertheless of the interviews as described in the report were significant. all transit systems it became clear had multiple systems that were similar and had challenges and all needed to deal with complex traffic, scheduling, and terrain problems uniquely their own, and yet as we had known the san francisco controller's survey had shown all had higher reliability and rider seaferz than muni and we determined that all systems use switchbacks they only did so in cases of equipment break down or emergencies except for one. one system which happened to be the santa clara mta does use switch backs and interesting
they had no choice but to open fire killing 22-year-old corporal allen of san jose early saturday morning. lillian is in the newsroom with latest on the story. >> allen was stationed in twentynine palms about an hour away from palm springs where he and his friends went out friday night. evening took a tragic turn. during 4 years with the marine corporal allen was sent over seas including a deployment to afghanistan. which is why his sudden death over the weekend makes it so hard to process for those who knew him. corral lives across the street in san jose. he served his country and then he comes him and gets shot over here. very unfortunate. >>reporter: he was shot and killed by palm springs police in a parking garage early saturday morning. police say he and his friend began yelling derogatory xhentsd to 2 officers on bike patrol. the of the zeros instructed him to turn off the car but he refused which prompted one of the officers to claim through his passenger side window. police say that's when he began stepping on the gas. >> suspect accelerated directly towards the second of
but to open fire killing 22-year-old corporal allen of san jose early saturday morning. lillian is in the newsroom with latest on the story. >> allen was stationed in twentynine palms about an hour away from palm springs where he and his friends went out friday night. evening took a tragic turn. during 4 years with the marine corporal allen was sent over seas including a deployment to afghanistan. which is why his sudden death over the weekend makes it so hard to process for those who knew him. corral lives across the street in san jose. he served his country and then he comes him and gets shot over here. very unfortunate. >>reporter: he was shot and killed by palm springs police in a parking garage early saturday morning. police say he and his friend began yelling derogatory xhentsd to 2 officers on bike patrol. the of the zeros instructed him to turn off the car but he refused which prompted one of the officers to claim through his passenger side window. police say that's when he began stepping on the gas. >> suspect accelerated directly towards the second officer str
california shot and killed a u.s. marine from san jose this weekend. officers with the palm springs police say corporal allen dvalena, the marine hit one of the officers with a car in his parking lot and that's when police open fired, killing him. another marine with him was arrested for public intoxication intoxication. >>> investigators in marin county are looking into a deadly accident in which a truck plunged into nicasio reservoir. emergency workers pulled the victim from the truck and tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him. >>> a verdict will be announced in the trial of a rapist. frederick doser is accused of raping and beating three women. the jury reached a verdict on friday and it will be publicly announced today at about 9:30. >>> and a morgan hill woman is expected to enter a plea to face charges including abandoned her young daughter. prosecutors say marcy erico attended a shop -- attempted to shoplift and then abandoned her daughter to face security guards and police. >>> lawrence is about to do a little rain dance. >> time to clean out the gutters and get ready to go. we're
building. i'm alan wang, abc7 news. >>> turkeys can be dropped off at the food bank in san jose and san carlos, second harvest extended hours to make donating easier we have times on under see it on tv. while you are at, you are going to find information on our share your holiday food drive coming up december 12th. the news team will be broadcasting live from around the bay area taking donations we have the locations on our website. >> join our efforts or it is simple set up a collection bin at your own office or local club and bring it to them, greatly appreciated. >> boy scouts will be doing it in my neighborhood this weekend. >>> definitely time to start thinking about that with the weather turning cold, especially overnight. >> chilly the last couple of nights frost not likely this morning still cooler than average when you step out you will need a jacket by the afternoon i don't think you will be wearing that back home. vollmer peak towards emeryville back towards san francisco, picture not as clear as it has been haze developing, still not a spare the air
at san jose state and grew into a strong coalition backed by organized labor. it was passed by 59% of the voters, intended to help those to earn a decent living, backers said measure d. will help the entire community. >> the increased wages will be spent right here in san jose and that will -- that is going to cause an additional economic stimulus of almost $200 million for the city of san jose. >> reporter: and so san jose joins a very small number of cities nationwide that have minimum wage laws above and beyond what the state requires. but since measure d. did pass here in san jose, city officials and labor leaders have been getting calls from other cities interested in the same in their area, including, oakland, berkeley and los angeles. >>> a fear of heights. the fiscal cliff putting wall street over the edge as they turn the focus to the budget crisis. putting the damper on any gains on the market. the dow ended flat after one of the worst weeks of the year last week. that cliff could be reached 50 days from today. tomorrow the president and congress will get back to work. h
the first strike within the 77-year-old company. >>> a san jose family looking for answers after their loved one was shot and killed by palm springs police. he was a young marine and he was just back home from afghanistan. nbc bay area's jean elly has more. >> reporter: the american flag stands in front of the home today. the family is driving to palm strings to learn why the police shot and killed the marine. it happened in a downtown parking garage. police on bikes went to check out loud voices inside the lot. officers say they recognized the marine and his friend from an earlier run in with them, a drunken public incident. they ordered him to stop his car and when he drove off with one officer hanging out of the passenger side window and hit another officer, he fired. >> they made the statements from the officers involved and the evidence at the scene. we will have a better determination of what occurred and what led them to use their weapons. >> reporter: his friend was not hurt. police say they found a stolen phone and atm card in the car. he recently returned from a tour in afghanistan
in san jose. the family is driving to palm springs to learn more about why police shot and killed the 22-year-old marine. police say it happened early saturday morning in a downtown parking garage. police on bicycles went to check out loud voices inside the lot. officers recognized the marine and his friend from a drunk in public incident. police say they ordered him to stop his car. police fired, killing the san jose marine. >> after we collected the witness statement and the statement from the officers involved we will have a better determination of what actually occurred in the minds of the officers and what led them to use their weapons. >> his friend was not hurt. they found a atm card and stolen phone in the car. he recent cently returned from afghanistan. >> and now tonight they are preparing to say good-bye to the 22-year-old marine. >> thank you. he found a very successful anti-virus company but tonight john mcafee is a wanted man. officers described mcafee as a person of interest. he called to declare his innocence. mechan put a card board box over his head so he could breathe.
a u.s. machine from san jose this morning. he refused to stop for officers on bike patrol around 2:00 a.m. the marine then hit one of the officers with his car in a parking garage, prompting police to open fire. another marine with him was arrested for public intoxication. >>> murder charges have been dropped against a man even though he confessed to killing a man. the judge said police didn't read him his rights, had to let him go. in this case the police didn't think they had to. >> reporter: it was with great fanfare police announced an arrest in a murder cases in 2010. he was gunned down as he was getting out of his car at the shopping mall. in front of family and members of his commuter, police announced his killer was his childhood front. now the judge said police never read him his rights. >> the real question was when he was talking about wanting an attorney, whether or not the questioning should have stopped and the judge said it should have. it is something we don't agree with. >> reporter: is it possible police made a critical error here? >> i think the police acted prop
shot and killed a u.s. marine from san jose this weekend. officers from palm springs police department say allen dvalina refused to stop for officers on bike patrol at 2:00 on saturday and he hit one of the officers with a car in a parking garage. that's when police opened fire and killed him. >>> the san mateo county district attorney plans to make a decision on what steps to take after a judge through out on a murder trial. police said his killer was childhood friend gregory alarn of pittsburgh. yesterday the judge in the case threw out the charges. >> the real question was at one point when mr. elam was talking about wanting an attorney, whether or not the questioning e should have stopped and the judge said it should have. it is something we don't agree with. >> the da said he was not under arrest when he talked about the murder to police and there was no obligation to read him his miranda rights. >>> a verdict will be announced this morning in the case of a rape and murder. an entire neighborhood was on edge until he was arrested last january. the jury reached a verdict on friday
in san jose could have unintended consequences. not everyone is happy about more pay for the city's lowesterners. lynn? >> reporter: for the last few months we've been hearing from the backers of the minimum wage law this is the right thing to do for workers that $8 is not enough to live on in silicon valley but we spoke to workers today who said they would be financially hurt, not helped, by the affects of measure d. as a min women wage worker, this man will get an instant raise when measure d. takes effect next year. but he's not happy about it. >> i vote no for this. because i'm an american citizen now. >> ally, who can double his wages on tips, said measure d. will hurt him on the long run. >> $2 not helping me. you go back, i was working 40 hours and now the boss will cut my hours, cut more people and unemployment will be high. >> reporter: it is what the business community calls the unintended consequences of the new minimum wage law. >> they plan to raise prices on the menu, cut hours, lay off some employees. >> nick said he and his partners figured out what their new payro
of these higher clouds. 52 in san francisco, san jose is 43. it is not too strong of a breeze, i have seen parts of elevations and even parts of the peninsular. no doubt about it, they will be checking in with mid-70s, everyone else is looking for temperatures, when you start off with 35 and 36, the coast helps with that easterly breeze and that means upper 60s to 70s for some and especially santa cruz, gilroy look food be then we start to see an increase and maybe some light rain and rain will be developing on saturday and we will take that into sunday and monday, pam. >>> thank you steve. >>> another big day for president barack obama as he gets ready for his second term. the critical meeting today to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. >>> also a marine in san jose killed by south bay police, the information they are learning this morning, stay tuned.
. lamon knows what it's like to get your bell rung as a san jose state spartan. >> i was out for two weeks, and when i came back, everything was good. but during the two weeks i had a lot of migraines, a lot of daze, everything -- some days it was blur waking up. it's serious. it's not a good thing. >> reporter: it's up to the spartans sports medicine director to see the symptoms of a concussion and pull the player off the court or the field. >> very proactive. we do baseline testing with all of our student athletes that are in a contact sport so that when a concussion does happen, then we are testing them after that to make sure they get back to their baselines. >> reporter: the player must pass a series of medical tests before being allowed back in uniform. the same goes for pop warner and any high school sport. no player is allowed back on the field until a doctor clears him or her, which is what scott silver did with one of his youth football players a few weeks ago. >> about a month ago we had a kid get hurt. he had a concussion. he landed on his head hard on the turf and let's take h
in san jose nine in fremont this afternoon. fremont 69 with san jose most of us in the mid to upper 60s around the bay shore and inland 60s along the coast, low to mid 60s, significantly warmer than yesterday. mid 60s to 70 monterey bay inland 69 to 71°. tonight only a few 30s more 40s as this cold air mass continues to modify, 40s inland low 50s around the bay and to the coast. high pressure is starting to establish itself, pushed the storm track far enough north that is bringing in extra sun and modifying air mass this dip towards the left of the screen, that's our next system going to pull in as we head towards thursday into friday. for now one system well up to the north. if you are heading to the northernxy part of the state you are going to run into showers and mountain snows today. we have to wait a couple more days, warmer tomorrow, 70s from the coast, mid 60s, increasing clouds thursday, temperatures drop back four degrees, back a couple more friday with showers still have a small chance of showers saturday sunday is going to be the weather of the day this weekend, -- the wett
. >>> a marine from san jose is shot and killed by police, we will tell you what he did and what we are learning about that marine this morning. >>> a sex scandal exploded another high ranking leader now involved. >>> and it is cold for some mild for others, how much colder, we will have that in the second half of your ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, i am palm pam cook. is it milder out there? well it is chilly for me? >> well, pam we have clear skies and it is 532 in and plantar 52 in san francisco and upper 60s in santa cruz, here is sal. >>> we have a problem coming out westbound and it is a huge backup because of a crash that is blocking at least one lane. traffic is backed up on to the antioch bridge. most people are not getting through quickly and that means pittsburgh and bay point is actually lighter than usual. you will be in for some big delays trying to get through. there is a backup already metering lights are on, let's go back to the desk. >>> and breaking news out of daily
for many to near 70 degrees. that would be towards santa cruz. gilroy, san jose. looks better for wednesday and then we start to bring clouds in thursday, friday. cloud it up. could be right lane. sunday/monday look rainy. >>> 7:10, a public meeting today for san francisco communeny organizers. it's about proposed limitation to limit alcohol permits on post -- proposed legislation to limit alcohol permits on polk street. 60 businesses already have permits on polk. neighbors have been complaining for a long time about problems they blame on the -- they blame on the area's nightlife. >>> it is 7:11. many people love to eat crab here in the bay area but this year, the del cassie could come at a higher cost. right now this year's crab prices are still up in the air since experts say there could be fewer crabs in the bay. >>> we go from crab to talking about italy under water? how that european country is hoping -- coping with massived intoing including the city known for being surrounded by water. >>> political cliff-hanger. the election races that are still too close to call one week after the
that i sat there all of these hears, every single one of them and the memo that is from the san jose city attorney does not... is not detailed in our discussions. david pilpal and i agree on almost nothing. and he has extensive experience with that sunshine ordinance. and he sat on the task force before and he has been through many, many origins of it and he had brought to your attention, again, the same thing that we discussed. that there is some correspondence in there that does not fall under the investigatory process that the city claims everything is under there. and indeed, doctor kerr brought up again, but in some instances they just wanted to know if anything had been done, they wanted some dates. there was money that was found indeed to be missing and it was replaced. and the people who found it to be missing we have no idea what happened to them. but the doctors who found that it was missing, are wanting to find out some pieces of information because they were retaliated against or they believe that they were retaliated against. just two just very different people from the sunsh
cuts. san jose based cisco systems and home depot reportedly financial results for earnings. >> the motor trend car of the year is the tesla. is the first time in all the electric vehicle has been chosen. to be eligible, contenders must be a car, not a truck or not in suv and the prices range and $50,000, to nearly $100,000. >> these video games one of the most anticipated games " call of duty- black ops two' was released this morning at midnight this is footage taken from the video people aln the country camped out in front of store locations to get their hands on the game, first. it has generated $360 million in the first few days after its release. >> and also the latest out of this daly city water main break sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. experience the pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee, interest-free financing, and free delive
because he tried to run one of them down in a car. 22-year-old corporal allen of san jose was killed early saturday morning. when officers arrived on bike they say the man and friend started yelling derogatory comments at them. they told him to turn off his car. he refused. one officer reached through the passenger side window trying to turn the car off. they say that he then tried to run over the other officer. between the two cops they fired 8 shots in the car. places recovered a stolen phone and atm card from the man. he was just two months away from fishing his 4 year enlistment in the marine corps including tour in afghanistan. he nroond go on to college. his aunt started facebook memorial page and says the family in palm springs looking for answer noose what happened and why. >>> many well people hoping to avoid losing their homes to foreclosure look for answer today's at workshop in downtown oakland. hundreds of people received the latest foreclosure prevention information directly from banks as well as non-profit and municipal agencies. one of the programs generating in
on the sidelines. and they take it very seriously here at san jose state and, by the way, no word on when alex smith might return to the football field. we're live in south tampa bay. i'm damian trujillo. >>> a case of road rage escalated today. two cars collided in greenwood drive in a neighborhood north of san pablo. the chp says both drivers got out of the car and started arguing and then suddenly one man pulled out a gun and shot the other. that gunman did run off, and was hospitalized but is expect ed t survive. >> the driver who lost control of his car was arrested on suspicion of felony driving under the influence. this is what the car ended up looking like. it plunged 5 feet onto highway 80 land iing on its roof. the overpass when it crashed through a guardrail. the driver and the 21-year-old passenger are amazingly only suffered minor injuries. still trying to figure out why they went so fast over that overpass. >>> california will roll out a historic cap and trade program this week. on wednesday the state will auction off pollution permits with allowances including electric companies
, five degrees in concord and san francisco, six in san jose, nine degree jump in fremont, 69 today mid to upper 60s bay shore inland, low to mid 60s coast some areas around the monterey bay with extra sunshine may hit 70 mid to upper 60s for everybody else. around the state, eureka 59, 68 sacramento, fresno, sunshine 71 big sur, 61 yosemite, low to mid 80s palm springs and los angeles, san diego 77. no need to worry about frost tonight, a few high clouds again with modifying air mass not going to cool as much overnight the only 30 at the reporting station is fairfield 39. tomorrow morning may hit 30 deeper inland valleys, officially upper 40s low 50s bay shore to the coast. next system not coming from the north high pressure is governing jet stream almost dew west storm system out to the west comes from the west when we see the increase in clouds and the cooling that will be because of the sea breeze thursday system comes in friday from the west, not a cold core system sill in the 60s with a chance of showers. saturday a break, different system comes from alaska sunday and monday, temp
longer. sometimes four days of long, wrong, and strong. i went through t.s.a. recently in san jose where i live. i was born and raised in oakland, i went to jail in livermore. here is the part. normal people don't laugh at jail there. i worked there. god bless you if you worked there. i couldn't do that job for two days in a row. i can do it for an hour. an ex-felon who is an extraordinary father. i can become an ex-drunk who is an exceptional citizen. there is a transition necessary for a convicted, afflicted person the and it involves payback. i owe so i go. but i'll tell the incarcerated, hey, if life was fair, you wouldn't be in here right now. you would have parents that cared and gave you the road map to success and they stuck around. they didn't hurt you on wait. they go yeah. if life was fair, you wouldn't have been busted when your partner wasn't. yeah. they love that one a lot. and then i'll say this well, if they locked you up for everything you really did do criminally, when would you get out? they don't like that one at all. so i'm blessed to be here for a brief period of ti
equate -- equality. by the way he went to high school in santa cruz. >>> and tomorrow night, the san jose sports hall of fame will try to bring it back, steve bartkowski will be inducted into the hall of fame. he was also the nfl's draft pick by atlanta. now other local at let's include auto racing pioneer walter ribs. >>> many are on strike... that includes about 70 people at the columbia bow bread factory in oakland. they are upset that a court ordered them to take pay and benefit cuts after the company filed for bankruptcy this year. they say they should not have to pay a price for the way they handle their businesses but the company could be forced out of business. >> if the strike continues, we will be facing liquidation of the entire company in a matter of days not weeks. >> some people are turning away from bakery treats. if they survive the strikes they will continue to make twin kiss but add -- twin can is but an a line of organic bread. >>> they may feel pressure to end the strike before thanksgiving shopping but they may want their workers to have paychecks in time for the upco
of course are to be taken place in the peninsula. the segment in question is from san jose to the san francisco tranit train center. in april of this year the authority board authorized an mou between nine members stakeholders of the cal train and the high speed rail which you see in this list. and early investment strategy for the peninsula corridor basically has two components, advanced signal system and positive flow control and the [inaudible] including the vehicles. that's a total cost of 1.5 billion dollars. and this brings us to today's allocation request. this is for the cboss which is the acronym for the over lay signal system and type of advanced signal system. there are many types and this is the one cal train has chosen to use, and this system is basically to track train locations and prevent unsafe movements and consist of on board equipment and weigh side equipment. the total budget is $231 million. the system in addition to improving the signals and safety has also the added benefit of shortening travel times and also reducing gate down times so improving crossin
public will bring in donations. turkeys can be drop off in san jose, san carlos, second harvest has extended hours to make donating easier. we have the teams on under see it on tv. while there at the website, you will find information on our share your holiday food drive coming up on december 12th. abc7 news team will be broadcasting live from all over the bay area taking donations. for more information and location nearest you, go to >>> group of east bay teenagers about to per -- to perform in front of millions at the macy's thanksgiving day parade this is what these dancers from katie's dance studio will be doing in the new york city parade on thanksgiving day. the girls say they are excited their routine will be part of a 500 member dance showcase. >> we will be wearing the same costume in a tight clump when everybody is doing it together it will look awesome. >> i'm nervous but excited. >> students to pay their own way so they've been doing fundraising. >>> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of daly city water tank -- flooding a neighborhoo
into the south bay so warmer temperature there is. back into the 70s in sunny vail and san jose but upper 60s in portions of the north bay. 65 in san francisco, 66 in oakland. a look at your extended forecast, again warmer out there tomorrow, warmer even still on wednesday, but into thursday and friday and the weekend, temperatures are going to cool back down, a series of systems bringing rain to the bay area starting on friday into early saturday. another one on sunday. it looks like heavy rain could be in store for monday. we'll keep you posted. >>> new at 11:00, the credit reporting agency transunion says that the percentage of mortgage holders at least two months behind on their payments fell in the third quarter to 5 and a half percent. that is the lowest point in more than three years. the mortgage de link win si rate has not been this low since the first quarter of 2009, still, though, it does remain well about the 1 to 2%, which is the historical average. >>> well, today, of course, is veteran's day, a time when the nation pauses to thank those in the military who have serve and had a
including concord and santa rosa. san jose, 49. now this is what you'll wake up to tomorrow morning. chilly, livermore 41. but the low 50s for san francisco. redwood city 46. mountainview tomorrow morning 46 degrees. here's the set up and the atmosphere area, keeping us dry for three more days. so what you had today weather wise, it is similar to what you're going to have for the next couple of days. right on the northern fringe of this area, cloud cover from time to time. working their way. a couple fronts. only about 100 miles north of us. it'll be pleasant outside. highs in the 60s with the big h behind me, keeping the rain all the way on through thursday. and deep and strong area of the low pressure, it will move on in. it will stick around for about four to five days. starting on friday, lasting into next week. and so once we get wet, we're going to stay wet, but we're going to stay dry for the next couple of days until they get here on friday. right now the weekend, making plans for next weekend, pretty showery. highs tomorrow, upper 60s. 67. concordat 67 -- concord at 67. san rafael
of trauma to his body. >>> there is word tonight a marine from san jose was shot and killed by police in palm springs over the weekend. the coroner's office has not released his name. family members identify him as 22 year old alan d. vienna il. there was an altercation and two officers opened fire, fearing for their lives and the people around them. the marine was based at camp pendleton. >>> a crime alert was issued following a rash of burglaries. a dozen were reported in october alone. the burglars knock on the door looking for empty homes in the middle of the day, residents should lock doors when leaving, even if only for a short time. >>> the highway patrol says -- alcohol is to blame for a car driving through a guardrail that fell about 25 feet on westbound interstate 8 o. the suv landed on its roof. the driver and passenger only suffered minor injuries. authorities say the driver is a 20 year old man from concord. he was arrested on suspicion of felony drunk delivering. >>> governor brown says the federal government needs to back off as states make their own laws when it comes
and exclusionary discipline policies and also i teach teachers at san jose state and hundred students who are future teachers. >> can they do a projector? >> no. my teacher did, but again using social media, integrating all of the areas is so important for the prevention. thank you for that focus too and i think that gentleman has comments. >> i was going to follow up in the conversation with digital media or literacy needed within the educational system. we are still experiencing digital divide and access and just the one you speak of recently officer when you mention the generations and investigators not engaged with this media and no don't know my book or face space and when you have to look at youth culture. we talk about texting and sexing and omg and i didn't text anything to you. i spoke to and part of the language and how they engage so until we look at the culture of young people and how do we impact today's 20th century media culture we can't make a huge impact in regards to bullying or electronic aggression or whatever name we want to place on it and is affecting the studen
talked to them and all except san jose, santa clara don't use them so are there other transit systems that you're specifically aware that do and question seems like they never got that information and wanted to ask you about that? >> yes. i can speak to from first hand experience on a couple of those i was the general manager in boston at there and i am aware of the operating practices there, and it's beston and pick the government center and the green line -- several lines go into the green line and trains frequently switched there. that is just one example. we also reached out after we saw the initial report that said that others did not do switchbacks. we reached out to other transit systems that we listed in our response that owls do switchbacks so again the same caveat. all of the other transit systems will tell you would they prefer not to do switchbacks? yes they would. in some cases, in the case of bart they have tracks and they can do other things but they also do switch backs and schedule them everyday as well, so in our view and base some of our personal experiences and
- blanca ---esta noche, una familia de san jose se encuentra en palm springs, florida tratando de esclarecer la muerte de su hijo, un infante de marina. ---segn la policia de palm springs, alan de-villena, de 22 aÑos de edad, estaba con un amigo dentro de un vehiculo en un estacionamien to cuando la policia se acerc a hablar con ellos. ---segun la policia, un agente les pidio que detuvieran el carro y devillena, quien conducia, no obedecio. ---otro agente se metio al automovil por una ventana y devillena arroll a uno de los policias.. fue entonces que dispararon mortalmente contra l. blanca ---en san pablo, la policia investiga un caso de "violencia en la carretera" que no solo termino en un accidente de transito sino tambien en un tiroteo. take gfx ---el incidente ocurrio a eso del mediodia de hoy cuando 2 coches se accidentaron por la calle "greenwood" al norte de san pablo. ---los conductores de los carros comenzaron a discutir cuando uno de ellos, sac un arma y disparo contra el otro hiriendolo. ---el hechor huyo del lugar mientras que la victima se recupera en el hospital. b
with sunshine. that's cold. that's a look at cloudy. bakersfield to san jose looking good, too, just the northwest with the clouds. >>> no huge storms coming, and we need to get a little warm-up for our friends 2in alaska. >>> the u.s. is poised to become the world's biggest oil producer. a new health scare for women. >>> a petition with almost 400,000 signatures mushing macy's to drop donald trump. you're watching "early today." >>> stories making news this morning, new york governor andrew cuomo wants $30 billion in federal aid to rebuild after sandy. almost 60,000 customers are still without power on new york's long island and all new jersey drivers can buy gasoline today as odd/even rationing ends. >>> over the next decade u.s. oil output is expected to surpass saudi arabia according to the international energy agency. by 2020, the u.s. could be the largest oil producer in the world. >>> kevin clash, the voice of elmo on sesame street is taking a leave of absence after allegations surfaced of a relationship with an underage male. clash admits to the relationship but says it was b
by san jose, here is sal. >>> traffic is doing well, here is sal. >>> if you are stating off very early we think you will have a reward for that, here is sal. >>> traffic continues to look good if you are driving 80s on westbound. >>> and traffic is moving along nicely coming into san
't and which is why berkeley and san jose and other cities have their nudity restrictions above and beyond the penal code. if there were laws in place i wouldn't have addressed this legislation and subjected myself to some, shall we say interesting commentary among some of the opponents. and i include frankly the argument that i truly disagree with, and has been repeated over and over in some quarters, that saying that you have to cover your genitalos a public street or sidewalk is no different than requiring women to wear burkas or banning gay men or drag queenos the street. i disagree with that comparison and i think most people do. public nudity is currently legal in san francisco except for the parks and ports and restaurants and the suggestion that we should use the lewd behavior laws and the indecent exposure laws is problematic and ineffectual. it's unclear that cock rings and other behaviors that we see would qualify as lewd. i think it's border line as best and it's a terrible position for police officers to enforce the following. is his penis slightly erect or not at all?
francisco and 64 degrees in san jose. and looks like the afternoon expecting mostly sunny skies. just a couple of occasional high clouds drifting overhead. and then tonight, should be mostly clear a little chilly in spots in the valleys but staying dry through at least thursday. after that big time changes. right now the jet stream still carrying a lot of the moisture to the far north and the least far northern parts of california we are staying dry on the southern end but occasionally the clouds work across our skies. the ridge going to be in place and maybe strengthening a little bit for tomorrow. that's going to change as we get into friday. this whole system is going to start to dip down the trough going to camp out along the west coast and that means we will see a series of storms likely headed for the by area. before -- bay area. but for today let's enjoy the sunshine. temperatures yesterday in the low to mid-60s. by this afternoon one to seven decks above yesterday's highs and -- degrees above yesterday's highs and right about average for this time of the year. all right this i
from san jose. tells us some stores are now trying to turn thanksgiving day into what you might call black friday. >> reporter: we just learned today that target will be starting its black friday deals on friday night as more and more retailers are trying to get your shopping dollars even earlier this year. >> reporter: it's already looking a lot like christmas in santana row even though thanksgiving does not get here until next week. >> i'm going to get up at 2:00 in the morning. i'll be standing in line just because. i'm going to be looking for clothes and stuff like that at the mall. >> reporter: midnight, going shopping. buying the best deal that i can. >> reporter: but midnight might be too late for the best deals at some of the biggest retails. target announced today it is opening up at 9:00. toys r' us and sears will be opening at 9:00 p.m. toys r' us are also doing something different by staggering its saleless. the -- sales. and some businesses are going to match prices. now customers must pay sales tax. but it might not be enough to change shopping habits. >> so
buried himself up to his neck in sand to hide from police. >>> a u.s. marine from san jose is dead after being shot by police in palm springs. allen dvalina refused to stop for officers on bike patrol. they fired when the marine hit one another of the officers with his car in a parking lot and they found a stolen smart phone. another marine who was with him was arrested for public intoxication. >>> the san mateo county district attorney will decide today what to do next after a judge through out murder charges in a high profile case. david lewis was gunned down at the hillsdale shopping mall in 2010. police said his killer was gregory elarm of pittsburgh. yesterday the judge in the case threw out the charges. >> at one point when mr. elarm's was talking aboutmenting an attorney, whether the questioning should have stopped and the judge said it should have. it is something we don't agree with. >> the da says he was not under arrest when he talked about the murder to police and there was no obligation to read his miranda rights. other bay area headlines, a morgan hill woman is expected to
in the south bay. '70s in cupertino, 70's in san jose and for the inland valleys still warm. 66 degrees in concord, livermore and the 60s for the east bayshore. the same along the coast toward with temperatures in the low mid-60s even upper 60s for portions of the north bay. a wide range of temperatures but as we get that rainfall on friday it will last for saturday with a series of systems for she towards the weakest fifth. >> the samsung and freud has the battle the samsung and the -- leve5 apple iphone 5 we reported that the samsung s 3 was the new most popular smart phone beating out iphone sales. however, with the iphone 5 still on back order of the galaxy s 3 has become more appealing. which is better? gabe slate tech report. >> the galaxy s 3 and the iphone 5 are both of some devices. one is apple's version and one is google version. i have used both for a couple of weeks let me show you what i think of the big differences the iphone 5 is on my left hand. and the past three however has a larger screen with a 4.8 in. screen. and the iphone 5 is smaller if you watch videos, and the
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